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Montezuma, Puntarenas


GastronomyKalapiti features its own organic produce garden which provides healthful fruits and vegetables to please your palate. Delicious mediterranean and fusion cuisine is concocted using seafood and meats of very high quality. We also have a wide selection of wines.

Kalapiti homegrown organic produceYou will be served by Kalapiti’s owners who have over twenty years of experience in the restaurant industry. We can personalize your dining experience to suit your schedule and gastronomic preferences.

The kitchen, bar and barbecue smokestack are located in the rancho behind the pool area, next to the suites. On the upper terrace you will find the Hammam and a lounge area you will find enchanting, with a cushion bed and comfortable benches, shaded, or as a solarium with views to the tropical forest. Because of its location on the third level, you will easily observe large numbers of birds and wildlife, particularly howler monkeys.

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